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But to do good and to communicate forget not: for with such sacrifices God is well pleased.

HEBREWS 13:16 


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                                                          THE  PROPHETIC MESSAGE

‘’ I am raising up a breed of anointed soldiers, who will be moving throughout the land in this generation with My power to heal, deliver, and to save the lost through the Gospel of My beloved Son Jesus ChristIt does not matter whether a woman or a man. They will have a fixed mind on Christ. Nothing shall move them from their love for Jesus – My beloved Son: Says the Lord of Host.

There are people that need to be reached with the love and gospel of Jesus Christ in the world. 

There are people who love to go around to make this impact but can not. Where you cannot go physically your financial contribution can.


We working to take the gospel of Jesus Christ to prisons, hospitals, schools, and as the Holy Spirit leads us. We need your contributions to help us fulfill this divine calling to bring people to Christ Jesus and at the same time meet there physical need as much as we can. 


Partnering with the Holy Ghost fire revival ministry e.V will make you a partner of the ministry and a partaker the divine work of God that Jehovah has given unto us to do. Your monthly or one time givings will enable us to reach the souls in the prisons,hospitals,on the streets, and anywhere the Lord leads us.

We say Thank you in advance for your seed and love for the work of our Lord Jesus Christ. 

Bank Account Details


Holy Ghost Fire Revival Ministry 

Stadtsparkasse München 

IBAN: DE79 7015 0000 1001 7188 14 


 BLZ: 70150000

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